Effing Worm

Worms. This word brings about fear in some people and disgust for the others. On the other hand, some individuals think of them as bait while others plainly do not think about them at all. Well if you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a monstrous worm that feeds on people in order to live, then Effing Worm is a game you may want to sink your teeth into. If you are wondering how you can play it then wonder no more. The game can be played for free as a Flash game that is available online any given time of the day.

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So what is the hoopla all about and why has this game become so popular? Well for starters, it is a very strange game to play. Where else can you play a game that pits you as a giant worm that grows larger by eating more and more people? Yes you read that right. As the Effing Worm, your main objective in this game is to eat the unsuspecting people on the surface while you burrow your way underground and pounce on them when they least expect it. Of course, you gain points by doing so and the more people you consume, the higher points you will be able to receive. Plus, the worm becomes larger the more he eats.

Another objective of the game besides getting the maximum amount of points possible per level is to never let the worm’s hunger meter drop to zero. When that happens, he explodes and you lose.  You will need to constantly kill everything on the surface to ensure that the worm is always full and never goes hungry. At the end of every level, your total score will be tallied depending on the number of people you consume as well as the combos you executed during that stage. When you perform combos or go on a rampage, you will have the chance to get plenty of points which will be combined at the end. The Effing Worm is more than just eating people and going on a killing spree. It is also about the way you eat them to get high points. As crude as that may sound, that is the main goal of the entire game.

You will have loads of fun playing this game especially since the controls are so easy to use. A few buttons on the keyboard is all you will need and you are already set for playing the Effing Worm. You can use the arrow keys to move the worm or alternately, use the WSAD buttons on your keyboard. The spacebar is used to pause the game and the M key is for muting/playing the audio.

In conclusion, Effing Worm is a game that is worthy of your time and can provide you a lot of entertainment. For the price tag of zero, you won’t even think twice about not playing the game. As long as you are online, you will be able to play the worm and prey on innocent stick-figure people on the surface.