Effing Worms 3

Do you have the hunger for carnage and destruction? Then cause havoc and bloodbath by eating loads of humans and other things above the ground as an unstoppable giant worm like what you see in the movies, only a bit scarier in Effing worm 3. Start as a little worm enough to swallow a man whole then grow into a gigantic monster  meaner and hungrier than ever with the size two times larger than a jumbo jet, with huge gigantic teeth and sharp scales as hard as a diamond that could easily tear open a human flesh like heated knife on butter.


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Effing Worms 3


The new Effing worm is another addition to the fun and addicting Effing worm series. The success and popularity of the first Effing worm was followed by an even more addicting and more popular Effing worm 2 with a better detailed cartoony graphic. With that you can’t expect any less from the new Effing worm version with a much better graphic and sound effects of a meaner, faster and hungrier monster worm that will satisfy your taste for bloodbath!

Playing the Game

The controls of the game is still the same as of the first and second of the Effing worm series. For those who haven’t played the first and the second version of the Effing worm series yet,you may find the controls confusing at first, but you will eventually get the hang of it. Once the killing starts, there will be no stopping the carnage.

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The new Effing worm version will have a much better and more exciting gameplay as the new game will allow you to destroy the whole city by going through city blocks, destroying buildings and eating everything that’s inside of it as the worm grows bigger and meaner. Hordes of human arsenals and more nukes and missile will be dropped against you as you make your way to destroy the entire human population as a monster worm. Evolve into an unstoppable force every round as you get more evolution options and enhanced evolution options that you can also find in the previous Effing worm game like the spikes options, and skin evolution.

New powerful abilities are also added to the latest game to make it bloodier, like a fire breathing ability that burns building and enemies and snake tongues for grabbing more flesh to feed on. Emerge and fly above the ground as a majestic dragon-like figure with the worm’s new dragon wings that makes it fly higher and faster and look more terrifying as the worm evolves.

If you haven’t tried playing the previous game yet, the game is easy to search on the Internet. Try playing and you will see a glimpse of what is to come. If you find the two previous versions of the game fun and addicting, imagine the fun you will have on playing the new Effing worm version. With the new graphic and sound enhancement added and a better gameplay, together with a meaner and hungrier than ever monster worm, you can be sure of another addictive series from Effing Worms.