Effing Worms game

Games are always designed to make you become the good guy and save the damsel in distress, if there ever was one. It is always good versus evil or you against a whole army of wrong-doers and you just so happen to possess the moral high ground to obliterate them all. Don’t you ever wish that you could just eat people like a worm does? Wait, it’s not as bad as it sounds. The Effing Worms game is a new take on gaming which allows you to take the role of a hungry worm hell bent on eating everything in sight. Of course, in this game, you are the worm and not the man tasked to kill him. Effing Worms is good old fashioned massacre fun that is free to play online.

The game is a side-scrolling action/adventure game with an adult spin added to it. In Effing Worms, your main goal is to eat as many people on the surface as you can per level. You will have to get as much of them as you can before reaching the end or the corner of the map and moving on to the next level. It is fairly simple enough to do in terms of objective accomplishments, and there really isn’t much to the game at all when it comes to story or any other factors to make it more interesting. You are simply a worm that is hungry. It just so happens that the worm is hungry for human meat.

Speaking of hunger, when you start playing the game, there is a hunger meter on the lower portion of the screen which must never run out. In the Effing Worms game, once that meter depletes, the worm will explode and it’s game over already. This is the reason why you need to keep feeding the worm and gorge on as many people as you can. The more he eats, the larger he gets to be. Plus, the worm will grow in size with more people digesting in his belly. For you to do that properly you will need to get used to the controls, which is very easy to accomplish in this game. With the keyboard, you will be making use of the arrow keys or the WSAD buttons to control the movement of the worm. Additionally, you can us the spacebar to pause the game as well as the letter M to mute the audio.

Effing Worms is intensified by the quality of graphics that has been incorporated into it. Even if the visual effects aren’t at par with new titles being released (especially since the humans here are stick figures), the graphics are good enough to make you enjoy the game. There is simulated blood and gore which will make your rampage an even bloodier one. The great thing about being able to play Effing Worms is that you do not need to download it, even if you are able to, in order gain access to it. As long as you have Internet, you can play the game in various sites that host it.