Play Effing Worms

There probably isn’t a more brutal game that you can play for free on the Internet other than Effing Worms. If you’ve ever wanted to become a human-eating worm in your lifetime, no matter how absurd that sounds, then this is the perfect game for you. Normally, giant worms are depicted to be the bad guys. Not here in this game, not at all. In fact, you take the role of the worm and you have an insatiable thirst for human flesh! When you play Effing Worms online, you will be on a non-stop rampage trying to eat every surface-dweller that you can get your worm fangs on.

The interesting part about this game is its concept. Although it is quite meant for adults due to the graphic nature of this game, it is also boatloads of fun! You control the worm using the arrow keys and make him move in every direction possible, in an attempt to snatch up and eat the unsuspecting humans on the surface. There will be a hunger meter that goes down fast in which you will be able to replenish by feeding the worm. The moment that the meter goes down to zero, the worm will explode and die. Of course, that means its game over. Have fun!